What's New

Dingo Gap is a work in progress...

Current Development Work:

  • Photo Spheres - spherical panoramas

Changes and additions over the years include:

  • SSL Certificate - encrypted communication between the browser and the web server
  • Nearby Locations, based on Geographic Distance
  • GPS Traces added to Satellite Maps
  • Enforced a consistent minimum page length
  • Albums, Satellite Maps and Panoramas have been fully integrated
  • Dingo Gap Search Engine
  • Revised Page Header and Menu Layouts
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Introduction of High Dynamic Range photographs
  • Links to photos taken on organised Club Walks
  • Introduction of Track Notes
  • Increased Menu Persistance
  • Dynamic Panoramas
  • Satellite Mapping
  • 'Blog Style' Photos replaced by HTML Albums