Welcome to Dingo Gap

The Australian Bush is a very special place. It is a place that cries out to be seen, a place to be enjoyed, respected and preserved.

I spend a lot of time bushwalking - mostly off the beaten track, exploring and photographing some of these amazing spots.

The Blue Mountains is one of my favourite destinations. This area is full of extremes with cold winters and hot summers, drought or raging torrents and sometimes devastated by fire. The unusual plants and animals able to cope with the harsh conditions have evolved and survive here.

We're lucky. Our National Parks protect some of the most beautiful and wild country you can find anywhere in the world.

So have a look around Dingo Gap. You might just find something to interest you...

Website Upgrade

Dingo Gap is undergoing a major upgrade. The new site works properly on phones, tablets and computers, including those with large 27" screens. More than half the work has been completed but I still have a lot to do.

There are 320 articles altogether in the new Dingo Gap site. Of these, 74 are new articles with many more to come.

The old Dingo Gap site will continue to function until I have migrated the remaining 203 articles to the new site.

You can return to the old Dingo Gap Site using the Legacy Site button at the top of the page.

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