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Twins Canyon - 8 October 2016


Twins Canyon is a small canyon system in the Wollemi National Park where two creeks merge in a hanging valley before flowing over the cliffs into the Wolgan Valley below.

The creeks have each carved there own canyon and while they are a similar length they are far from identical. One is narrow twisting passage where the creek has chewed through the soft rock, finding the easiest route, under and over obstructions. The other canyon is a deep narrow slot that looks like it has been carved by a sharp knife the edges are so straight.

Our walk took us around to the pagodas above the canyon system where we could look over the entire system. 

From there we headed down to look into the slot canyon from the top. The sheer size and beauty of the rock walls was amazing.

Next stop was to explore the twisting passages of the other twin, our way into the system. There were a couple of steep scrambles, one requiring a tape as we progressed through the canyon. I left the tape in place for our return journey. It's a dark beautiful place and a lot of fun.

We couldn't get into the narrow slot canyon from above but there were no problems from below. Theres a bit of a scramble to get into the narrow slot.  From there the slow just gets narrower and narrower and it gradually fills with water, at least thigh deep. It is in its own way a fascinating place to see.

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