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Splendour Rock - 24-25 April 2017


Splendour Rock is a rocky outcrop at the southern end of Mt Dingo in the Wild Dog Mountains, the site of the Memorial to Bushwalkers who were killed in World War II.

I've visited Splendour Rock many times but until this year, never quite made it on Anzac Day.

The Memorial overlooks a wild & spectacular landscape of valleys, gorges, cliffs & mountain ranges. The 270º view is amazing, a perfect spot for the memorial.

Dunphys Camping Area was very busy on Sunday night. Many were bound for Splendour Rock, some were celebrating a birthday and others just enjoying the 'tranquility'. 

I took the scenic route along the fire trail and then across Wombat Parade, Merrimerrigal and Mt Dingo. It's 8k along the fire trail, 2k along a track and the final 4k along a rough pad. Its a lovely walk through rainforest, open forest heath, some scrambling and plenty of views.  

Monday afternoon/evening was time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. And hear about their escapades.

Tuesday morning was serious - between 60-80 bushwalkers gathered on the rocky escarpment to remember those young bushwalkers who died in WWII. It was a simple Service, a reading of the Honour Roll, the Recessional, Laying of the Wreath, Flowers of the Forest (played on Pipes), The Last Post, a minutes silence facing the east just as the sun rose, Reveille, Going Home (on Pipes) & the National Anthem (with a lot of help from the TIGS choir).

It was a special moment in a truly beautiful location.

Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)

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Splendour Rock - 24-25 April 2017
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