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Mt Banks High Traverse - 15 July 2017


The Mt Banks High Traverse is an off track walk that crosses Mt Banks from north to south over the 2 highest points, visits the main lookout points along the top of Banks Wall and explores the pagodas at the southern end. The return to the car park along the fire trail.

Extreme care is required in places - some of the cliffs are 500 metres high and winds can be strong.

The walk follows the track for 750 metres, then goes SW to to the edge of the Grose Valley for excellent views.

From there it is a short climb up to the summit and the King George Trig. The route follows the ridge SE and then SW through thick forest, emerging in low heath at the top of Banks Wall for more wonderful views before continuing south, over the southern high point and down to the southern pagodas.

There are 270º views from the southern pagodas, well worth a pause. From there it's a short scramble down to the lower pagodas and more views.

The route off the pagodas traverses NE between the upper & lower cliff lines for 250 metres before scrambling down a steep slope to the road and the 5 kilometre walk back to the car park.

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