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Holts Heaven - 9 July 2016


Drive out along the Clarence Fire Trail on Girdwood Ridge to GR 463 965 and the park cars. Walk generally north along an old fire trail to Spot Height 1032 and then head NW into the Holts Heaven pagodas.

These are big platy pagodas - very decorative, great colours and very very steep.  There are great views along the Bungleboori Creek upstream and downstream.  Lots of pagodas and slots to explore.  Fun!

This spot is worth going back to.

Holts Heaven is in the Newnes State Forest and not protected. These beautiful pagodas are at risk!

Newnes State Forest (NSW)

Wollangambe 8931-2S

464 976

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Holts Heaven is a beautiful set of Pagodas on the southern side of the Bungleboori Creek and a short walk north from the Clarence Fire Trail on Girdwood Ridge. The Pagodas...

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