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Dalpura Canyon - 7 January 2018


With a very hot temperature forecast the challenge for the day was getting into and out of Dalpura Canyon as fast as possible.

We parked at Bells Line of Road near the top of Jinki Ridge.

Our route took us W across Jinki Ridge for about 700 metres and then SSW down a spur to the cliffs above Dalpura Canyon. There are some great views, right along Victoria Creek. There was also a lovely grove of Coachwood nestled in against the cliff walls below us.

The heat was building so we scrambled down through the cliff line into one of Dalpura's western tributaries. It was immediately cooler soon we were above the abseil entry to Dalpura Canyon.

After a mandatory morning tea on the rock shelves above the canyon, listening to the waterfall and the birds we moved on into the Dalpura Canyon.

The water level in Dalpura Canyon wasn't as high as its been in previous trips. The canyon was delightfully cool, even before we got wet.

Dalpura is a wonderful creek to walk through - some constricted sections, small waterfalls, some deep pools and always beautiful ferns and mosses.

We followed the creek all the way, past the 2nd abseil and out to the cliffs above the Grose to enjoy the views. Lunch was beside the pool below the 2nd abseil.

After  lunch we reversed our route up the canyon as far as the waterfall in the cave. It was a last chance to cool down before we had to face the heat.

We retraced our route up the tributary for a short distance before heading N into another smaller canyon. We followed it for 500 metres until we reached a waterfall we couldn't climb. This little canyon was very narrow and very dry. With just a small amount of rain it would be quite a torrent and somewhere to avoid in a storm.

From there it was just 650 metres back to the cars, all uphill and all hot (37ºC).

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Dalpura Canyon - 7 January 2018
Dalpura Canyon
Dalpura Canyon lies between Dalpura Ridge & Jinki Ridge. The canyon is usually entered with an abseil or a jump down a waterfall. Bushwalkers can explore Dalpura Canyon by scrambling down from...