Club Walk Photos

I'm a member of the Bush Club, the Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking Club and the Central West Bushwalking Club.

These organisations have a great range of well organised walks that offer something for everyone.

While I enjoy walking with a small group or by myself, I regularly participate in walks runs by these Clubs. I used to just tag along a on Club Walk if it had something that really interested me. These days though I regularly lead Club Walks.

This page contains links to some of the photos I've taken on some of those Club Walks.

Walk Date Club
Dalpura Canyon 07 January 2018 UBMBC
Land of the Stone Dragon 13 November 2017 Bush Club/UBMBC
Airly Gap Pagodas 06 October 2017 Bush Club/UBMBC
The Towers 27 July 2017 Bush Club/UBMBC
Mt Banks High Traverse 15 July 2017 UBMBC
City In The Sky 01 July 2017 UBMBC
The Torbane Balcony 29 April 2017 UBMBC
Splendour Rock - ANZAC Service 24-25 April 2017 UBMBC
The Towers 08 April 2017 UBMBC
Grand Canyon 14 August 2016 UBMBC
Pt Hatteras and The Ladders Defile 24 July 2016 UBMBC
Holts Heaven 09 July 2016 UBMBC
Above the Glow Worm Tunnel 26 June 2016 UBMBC
Coco Creek Cave 12 October 2015 Bush Club
Cape Horn 4 July 2015 CWBWC
Paralyser - Cloud Maker - Kanagra Walls Circuit 6 - 8 June 2015 UBMBC
King Pin Fire Trail to Kanangra Walls 11 October 2014 UBMBC
Wongarra Hill to Mt Banks via Oronga Canyon 17 March 2013 UBMBC
Scatters Canyon and Hailstorm Retreat 6 January 2013 UBMBC
Morong Falls and Morong Deep 24-25 November 2012 UBMBC
The Totem Pole 29 September - 1 October 2012 UBMBC
Pantoneys Crown 15 October 2011 Bush Club
Moxley Rock, Christys Creek, Mt Barrallier, Christys Creek and Gogy Ridge 24 September 2011 Bush Club
Honeycomb Canyon 3 September 2011 Bush Club
Above the Glow Worm Tunnel 21 August 2011 UBMBC
Gap Creek Pagodas 20 August 2011 UBMBC
Double Hill to Lions Head along Lions Head Ridge 14 August 2011 UBMBC
Mt Airly's southern Pagodas 13 August 2011 Bush Club
Above the Glow Worm Tunnel 12 August 2011 Bush Club
Above the Glow Worm Tunnel 30 July 2011 Bush Club
Mt Airly's southern Tramways and south-west Pagodas 16 July 2011 UBMBC
Sinusoidal Ravine 11 July 2011 Bush Club
Upper Wolgan River Exploratory Walk 22 June 2011 Bush Club
Jinki Ridge to Kamarah Ridge by way of Jinki Gully, Wilkinson Hill and Jungaburra Canyon 18 June 2011 UBMBC
Kanangra Tops, Brennan Wall, Jingery Bay, Coal Seam Cave and Maxwell Top 11 June 2011 UBMBC
Gentles Lookout and the Seriphos Cliffs 4 June 2011 UBMBC
Mt Banks and Explorers Brook 7 May 2011 Bush Club
Carlon Head and Harmil Ledge 23 April 2011 UBMBC
Morong Creek Fire Trail to Gallop Rock, Lost Rock, Broken Whungee and Moxley Rock 5 April 2009 UBMBC
Shay Dam on the Bungleboori 6 March 2009 Bush Club
Sunnyside Canyon 22 February 2009 UBMBC
Upper Breakfast Creek 3January 2009 UBMBC
Deanes Creek 1 October 2008 Bush Club
Barralliers Crown 19 July 2008 UBMBC
Mt Werong 1 June 2008 UBMBC
The Lost City 31 May 2008 Bush Club
Airly Cave Houses 16 May 2008 Bush Club
Lions Head and the Goats Track 3 May 2008 Bush Club
Aerial Cableway of the Jamison Valley 18 April 2008 Bush Club
Rennies Tunnel 18 April 2008 Bush Club
A Miners Pass off Mt Solitary 12 April 2008 Bush Club
The River Caves 19 December 2007 Bush Club
Shunt Pass 21 September 2007 Bush Club
Zorro Canyon 19 September 2007 Bush Club
Wolgan Pinnacle 11 July 2007 Bush Club
Gibraltar Rocks 4 July 2007 Bush Club
Tarros and Duncans Passes 22 June 2007 Bush Club
Dingo Creek 15 June 2007 Bush Club
Du Faurs Rocks 2 May 2007 Bush Club
Wolgan Valley Railway 30 September 2006 UBMBC
Scatters Canyon 26 August 2006 UBMBC