My camp site on Mt Stormbreaker.

Eucalypts thriving in the rocky slopes of Mt Stormbreaker.

Looking upwards towards Roar Knoll.

Looking back at Crafts Wall.

Mt Queahgong with Mt Guouogang to the left & Mt Jenolan to the right..

Mt Jenolan.

Cloudmaker Trig & Log Book.

Dex Creek Camping Area.

Hanging swamp above Dex Creek.

Lunch break views of Mt Moorilla.

Lunch break views between Mt Moorilla and Noora Moorang Top.

Looking back up Kanagra Creek.

Mt Dingo from the top of Strongleg Ridge.

Track Notes - Kanangra to Katoomba - Day 2

Date:  5/5/2007

Maps:  LPI Kanangra 89303S and Dunphy's Gangerang

Route:  Mt Stormbreaker, Mt Cloudmaker, Dex Creek, Mt Moorilla Maloo, Mt Amarina, Kulieatha Peak, Mt Strongleg, Kanangra Creek, Konangaroo Clearing.  Distance: 14.5 kilometres.  Descent: about 1000m.

Gear:  Full Pack, Gaiters, Camera, EPIRB, Maps, Compass, GPS (set to WGS84), 3 litres water

Party:  Peter Medbury


Even though it was May and I was camping high, it was quite warm overnight.  The air moving through my tent stopped condensation and my clothes dried out well.

I slept pretty well overnight except for one little incident.

At 1:00am I was woken by a strange sound coming up the track from Mt High And Mighty.  It sounded like the 'Hound of the Baskervilles', puffing and panting as it loped along.  As it passed my tent it growled fiercely and all my hair stood on end. It quietly faded away, leaving me with goose bumps.  I guess it was one or two wild dogs or perhaps dingos and I was in their way.

I was on the track again a bit after 7:30am on another bright and clear day.

A few hundred metres and I was at the summit of Mt Stormbreaker and walking in an amazing forest of grass trees.  These were tall grass trees and in excellent condition.

The path off Mt Stormbreaker towards Mt Cloudmaker is more of a pad, wending its way across piles of broken rock and through the eucalypts that grow there.  Everywhere you look the rocks are shattered.  It looks a scene of total desolation until you realise that the plants are thriving and you see the lizards making their homes in the cracks, totally adapted to the harsh environment.

Grass trees are extremely adaptable.  On Mt Stormbreaker they were growing in reasonable sheltered conditions with quite a deep layer of leaf litter.

A little high on Rip, Rack, Roar and Rumble Knolls the grass trees are growing in extremely exposed conditions in amongst the shattered rocks that make up the backbone of the ridge.

The views from various places on Rip, Rack, Roar and Rumble Knolls were magnificent, well worth the effort to get there.

I was at Mt Cloudmaker just after 9:00am.  There were no views at all from Mt Cloudmaker, Just a small clearing, a pile of broken rock with the remains of a Trig Station and a Logbook.

The Log Book Case is a memorial to Kathleen Jones.  If you look you will notice tributes like in all kinds of unexpected places, to people who have done something that makes others want to remember them.

The Memorials are usually just a name and a date on a plaque or something and  unfortunately no extra information is usually given.

It just leaves you wondering why.  There must be some more information somewhere...

Anyway, I thought I'd have the 1st entry in the logbook for today.  But no!

A man doing the 3 Peaks had placed an entry in the logbook at 3:20am.  After Mt Cloudmaker he was off to Mt Paralyser, having come all the way from Katoomba in the dark.  I'd like to do the 3 Peaks but it would have to be at a much gentler pace.  It would probably take me 4 days instead of the traditional 48 hours.

The track from Mt Cloudmaker to Dex Creek heads off to the northeast.  Don't take the track heading off to the south-east unless you are going to the Ti Willa Plateau and 100 Man Cave.

The track to Dex Creek was initially quite easy to follow but quickly faded to a faint pad and then all but disappeared.  The ridge on this side of Mt Cloudmaker is much wider than Rip, Rack, Roar and Rumble and covered with dry sclerophyll forest.

No views at all.

I continued northeast along the ridge for about 1 kilometre and then turned north (Gr 401 408) along a spur that took me down to Dex Creek.

The hanging swamp just upstream from the camping area helps keep a steady flow of clean fresh water in Dex Creek.  It had rained recently and the Creek was flowing.  I still had plenty of water and didn't stop to fill up.  I walked up to have a look at the swamp before leaving for Carra Top.

From Dex Creek you head north-east towards Carra Top.  The heath is very thick and overgrown.  I may have missed the main track because I had to work my way through some very thick heath.  Eventually the heath opened up to reveal a path.  It took about 15 minutes to cover the 300 metres from Dex Creek up to Carra Top.  From there it was easy and it wasn't long before I was heading down towards Mt Moorilla Maloo.

It was ridge top walking though open forest. more grass trees and all sorts of of fungii.

Most noticable were the small, bright orange ones but there were green ones and purple ones as well.

I found one huge old one about 15cms across.  It was so old it had moss growing on it.  I had never seen one so big.  I'm guessing it is a Russula sp.

The views opened up again as I progressed down the ridge. I could see just how tough the 3 Peaks would be, with Mt Paralyser and Mt Guouogang, Mt Queahgong and Mt Jenolan stretch out in front of me in a rugged line.  I walked to Mt Jenolan from Carlons last November and I still remembered just how steep it seemed.

A couple of willothewisps drifted past me on the breeze.  I didn't pay too much attention until they drifted back, this time against the breeze.  I couldn't quite work out what I'd just seen so I followed them.  After a little distance they settled on a bush.  When I got closer I could see they were insects with what looked like a feather for a tail.  They'd landed on another much larger looking insect.

I'd never seen anything like this before.  It looked like the small flying insects were attacking the larger insect.  After a bit of research when I got home I found I'd been watching Bird of Paradise Mealy Bugs.  The small flying insect with the feathery tail was the male.  The female was the large wingless insect.

There is a rock platform at GR 401 432 with great views to the north, east and west.  It was an ideal place for lunch.

After an hour enjoying the view I started off again this time down Strongleg Ridge towards Kullieatha Peak.  The grass trees at Kullieatha Peak caught my attention.  Grass trees are one of my favourite plants - I love the way the leaves move in the breeze and the way the colours change in the light.

From Kullieatha Peak the ridge continues down to the junction of Kanangra Creek and the Coxs River.  Konangaroo Clearing where I planned to camp is just north of Kanangra Creek.  The track was easy to follow and views of the Wild Dog Mountains started to open up to the north.  A number of well known landmarks like the Coxs River valley, Mt Yellow Dog, Mt Dingo and Splendour Rock can be easily identified.

There were more beautiful wild flowers here too and more fungii, this time purple.

The tracks skirts to the east of Mt Strongleg and drops down to quickly to Kanangra Creek.  There are a couple of ways down the last part of the ridge.  It is very steep and with a heavy pack some care is needed.  One path heads towards the bottom of Yellow Pup Ridge, another to the junction of Kanangra Creek and the Coxs River and a faint track heads down the north-west spur to Kanangra Creek.

I kept to the north-west spur.  The track was not very clear and after a while I lost it altogether.  I found it much easier to work my day down the slope using animal pads than to insist on following a track.  I was surprised to see so many introduced weeds , including prickly pear, growing on the slopes.  Eventually I reched the bottom and emerged at a lovely grassed clearing on the southern bank of Kanangra Creek.  It would have been a great place to camp but I really wanted to get to Konangaroo Clearing.

I left my pack at the clearing and collected water from the Kanagra Creek.  After the recent rain there was plenty of fresh water running.  Even so I took the time to filter the water and to purify it.  My water filter pumps a litre a minute so it didn't take long to fill up my water bottles.

Kanangra Creek widens out into a fairly wide delta where it joins the Coxs River. 

It took quite a while to work though the thick vegetation and the different channels to get to the high ground on the northern side.

The main channel consisted mostly of rocks that had been washed downstream during floods.  After heavy rains these mountain creeks become raging torrents.  The water rushes along with such force that the large rocks are just rolled along the creek bed until they settle when the current slows.

I saw a small kangaroo feeding in one of the channels.  It wasn't at all disturbed by me.

Another 100 metres and I was out of the channels.  I had arrived at Konangaroo Clearing.  There was a nice little area just outside the fence that would suit my requirements.

After a long day I was ready for dinner and a good nights sleep.


Times, Locations and Grid References
Time Location Grid Reference
07:30 Break Camp on Mt Storm Breaker   GR 376 397
07:45 Mt Storm Breaker GR 377 399
09:15 Mt Cloudmaker GR 394 402
10:00 Dex Creek GR 400 416
10:35 Carra Top GR 402 419
11:20 Lunch with views GR 401 432
12:30 Mt Morrilla Maloo GR 409 436
12:55 Mt Amarina GR 396 442
13:10 Kullieatha Peak GR 393 446
13:45 Mt Strongleg GR 392 455
15:30 Kanangra Creek GR 391 475
17:20 Konangaroo Clearing GR 394 477


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My campsite at Konangaroo Clearing.

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