Track Notes - Morong Creek Fire Trail to Broken Whungee, Mt Barrallier, Yalpur Point and Wallarra Heights

Date:  28/9/2008

Maps:  LPI Kanangra 89303S, LPI Yerranderie 89294N and Dunphy's Kowmung

Route:  Morong Creek Fire Trail to  Broken Whungee, Mt Wheengee Whungee, Heliolater Point, Mt Barrallier, Yalpur Point, Sunshine Hill and  Wallarra Heights.  A long day.  Distance: 16.7 kilometres.  Ascent: about 450m.  A long day.

Gear:  Daypack, Gaiters, Camera, EPIRB, Maps, Compass, GPS (set to WGS84), 3 litres water.

Party:     Peter Medbury, Geoff Fox and Ben Medbury



Times, Locations and Grid References
Time Location Grid Reference
08:20 Leave Car on Morong Creek Fire TrailGR 279 347
Broken Whungee
Mt Wheengee Whungee
Christys Creek
Heliolater Point
Yalpur Point
Sunshine hill
Wallarra Heights
18:50 Back at Car on Moron Creek Fire Trail GR 279 347

GPS Track:


Recent Changes
Item Date Type
Banks Wall 07-06-2017 Add
Pulpit Hill Creek 04-06-2017 Add
Lions Head Pass 22-05-2017 Mod
Lions Head 21-05-2017 Mod
The Goat Track 20-05-2017 Mod
Wombat Parade 15-05-2017 Mod
Dingo Gap 13-05-2017 Mod
Green Cape 12-05-2017 Add
Toothed Helmet Orchid 09-05-2017 Add
Valley Of The Dinosaurs 04-05-2017 Add
Splendour Rock 27-04-2017 Mod
The Pondage Canyon 16-04-2017 Mod
Donkey Mountain 16-04-2017 Mod
Coachwood Glen 15-04-2017 Add
Genowlan Pinch 20-03-2017 Add
Valley Of The Kings 14-03-2017 Add
City In The Sky 13-03-2017 Add
Torbane Balcony 02-01-2017 Add
The Great Wall 29-12-2016 Add
The Towers 11-12-2016 Add
Flat Top 14-11-2016 Add
Zorro Canyon 11-11-2016 Mod
Dalpura Canyon 10-11-2016 Mod
Waratah 10-11-2016 Mod
Twins Canyon 11-10-2016 Add
Tall Leek Orchid 06-10-2016 Add
Vertigo Slot 22-09-2016 Add
Grand Canyon 16-08-2016 Add

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