Map:  Cullen Bullen 89313N

GR:    345 137

Track Notes:


The northen section of the Newnes Plateau has been heavily eroded into 5 promontories that dominate the southern boundary of the Wolgan Valley.

Finger 1 is a long peninsula, terminating in a high rock platform that offers spectacular panoramic views up and down the Wolgan Valley.

High cliffs, gorges and intricate pagodas are the main features of Finger 1.

There are lots of vantage points to admire the rugged landscape of the area.

In the shaded gorges and canyon areas the pagodas are thickly coated with mosses.  In more exposed areas the pagodas erosion has created fantastic shapes and decorations.

An abundant array on plantlife thrives in the area.

Finger 1 Promontory in the Gardens of Stone National Park

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