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Mt Merrimerrigal is the flattest of the peaks in the Wild Dog Mountains.

The southern end is a narrow peninsular with large areas of exposed rock with vegetation growing where pockets of sandy soil have accumated.  The northern end is much broader and sligtly higher, mostly Mountane Heath with a large population of Baeckea Brevifolia.  The slope in between is thickly covered by a she-oak forest. 

Most people just walk across Mt Merrimerrigal on their way to or from Splendour Rock but it probably deserves more attention.  There are excellent views to the east and the west & it supports an interesting variety of plants and animals.

Although Dunphy named the larger northern section 'Playground of the Dingos' I haven't seen any.

There is usually no water on Mt Merrimerrigal.  Immediately after rain, surface depressions fill with water and large areas into minature lakes. 

Mt Merrimerrigal

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