Map:  LPI Jamison 89302N

GR:  467 552

Track Notes:


Duncan's Pass provides an alternate route to Tarro's Ladder through the Clear Hill lower cliff line.

Duncan's Pass heads east around the nose of the cliff.  It is necessary to work your way through thick bush for about 100 metres until you can thread your way down through the low cliffs to the lower level.  Then you have to work your back to the west to the ridge just south of Tarro's Ladder.

Dunphy's Gangerang Map clearly shows Duncan's Pass heading east & most descriptions agree with that interpretation.  I have read a couple of documents that suggest that Tarro's Ladder was built in the real Duncan's Pass and what is now referred to as Duncan's pass is actually better known as the Wallaby Track.  I've no idea which is correct. 

Not many people use the route commonly known as Duncan's Pass.  It could easily be used by someone worried by exposure on Tarro's Ladder & is well worth knowing about.

Duncan's Pass

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