Maps:   LPI Mt Wilson 89301N

GR:   489 860

Track Notes:


Jungaburra Brook runs from Watertrough Hill & flows into Koombanda Brook, cutting a deep gorge between Jungaburra Ridge & Wilkinson Hill.

Jungaburra Brook runs underground for some distance, filtered by deep sand.  Upstream of the filter the water is dark & murky after rain.  Downstream the water is usually crystal clear.

It is a beautiful creek to walk along with many lovely pools & moss covered rocks.

A 4 metre drop requires abseiling or hand over hand.  A 30 metre tape or rope is needed because there are no anchor points close by.

It is possible to climb up onto Jungaburra Ridge via a climber's pass near the abseil point.

Jungaburra Brook & Canyon

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