Maps:   LPI Mt Wilson 89301N

GR:   494 857

Track Notes:


Jinki Gully lies between Jinki Ridge & Wilkinson Hill, running about 600 metres south-east to the Grose Valley.

It has steep sides with significant cliffs on both sides.

At the top of the gully, the creek is overgrown with large ferns & black wattle.  As the gully deepens the vegetation changes with tall trees & tree ferns dominating.  Rocks & trees are covered with moss.  There are large overhangs & beautiful cascades.

There is an old coal adit on the western side of Jinki Gully just as it meets the Grose Valley.  Water is pouring out of the adit & cascading into the valley.

The old track built to service the adit can still clearly be followed for some distance along Jinki Gully.

Jinki Gully

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