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Wombat Parade

Jenolan 8930-3N

430 521 - 434 528

900 metres

Wombat Parade is a rough track traversing the eastern side of Mt Warrigal between Warrigal Gap and Black Horse Gap.

In some places the route runs along ledges between Mt Warrigal's upper and lower cliff lines. In others it dips down to avoid obstacles.

There is a good size overhang near the southern end that could be used for shelter if necessary.

In a couple of places, water cascades from the top of Mt Warrigal after rain, supporting a range of orchids and other plants that thrive in damp conditions.

The name 'Wombat Parade' is on Dunphy's Gangerang Map. Tracks and scats on the path show why.

Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)



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