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Mt Banks

Mt Wilson 8930-1N
Central Blue Mountains (Dunphy)

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Mt Banks was named by the explorer, George Caley who climbed Mt Banks in November 1804.

Mt Banks is a located on the northern edge of the Gross Valley about 7 kilometres from Mt Tomah.

A track leads up to the trig station at the summit but views are limited.

Excellent views up & down the Gross Valley and across the Explorers Range to Mt Tomah can be had by climbing Mt Banks' exposed slopes & pagodas nearer to the Gross Valley.

Extreme care should be taken - some of the cliffs are 500 metres high.


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)



Banks Wall
Banks Wall is the western escarpment of Mt Banks, stretching north from Frank Hurley Head to Banks Gully for 2 kilometres. In places the cliffs are 510 metres high, the...