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Galah Mountain

LPI Rock Hill 8931-2N

472 140

1040 metres


Wollemi National Park (NSW)



Galah Mountain
Budgary Creek
Budgary Creek rises on the eastern side of the Newnes State Forest and drains into Rocky Creek, a total distance of less than 10 kilometres. As the creek skirts around the...

Deanes Creek
Deanes Creek rises on the northern side of the Newnes State Forest, just to the west of Galah Mountain and flows into Rocky Creek. The creek has created a beautiful canyon...

The Place That Time Forgot
The Place That Time Forgot is a name used by bushwalkers to describe a beautiful gorge located between Little Rock Island and Rock Island. The gorge has high cliffs with a...

The River Caves
The River Caves Canyon was formed by Budgary Creek eroding though the softer sandstone. There is an easy walk through this pretty canyon. The walk doesn't require abseiling or swimming...