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Jenolan Trig (TS2598)

LPI Kanangra 8930-3S
Gangerang (Dunphy)

340 478

1291 metres

Jenolan Trig (TS2598) is a minor trig station located on Mt Guouogang, the highest mountain of the Krungle Bungle Range.

There aren't many views from the summit which is covered with thick heath although glimpses can be seen from the top of the Jenolan Trig Station Cairn.

Most visitors to Mt Guouogang are attempting the 3 Peaks. Others are exploring the Krungle Bungle Range.

Easiest access to Mt Guouogang is along the Krungle Bungles from Whalania Heights. The climb up from creek level is extremely tough and challenging.

The logbook on Mt Guouogang, dedicated to the memory of Myles and Milo Dunphy.

Kanangra Boyd National Park (NSW)