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Boyd Trig (TS1122)

LPI Kanangra 8930-3S
Kowmung (Dunphy)
Gundungura (Unirover)

293 361

1266 metres

Boyd Trig (TS1122) is a minor trig station located on the Kanangra Range at The Granites Lookout.

Boyd Trig is just under 1 kilometre North East from the Kanangra Walls Road at Rocky Top. It is roughly 5.2 kilometres NW of Maxwell Hill and 2.1 kilometres N of Plateau Trig on Gogy Ridge.

Unusually, there are 2 cairns at Boyd Trig. The smaller cairn still supports the remain of a post. The remains of the disc lie beside the larger cairn.

There are excellent views from the large granite outcrop where the Boyd Trig was erected.

It is well worth the visit.

Kanangra Boyd National Park (NSW)