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Airly Shale Mines

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From 1883 until 1914 Oil Shale was mined near Mt Airly. The shale was transported to the Torbane Oil Refinery via a series of tramways.

Several different companies operated the mines while they were operational. The mines were the Genowlan Mine (to the south), The New Hartley Shale Mine (to the north) & King's Mine (unknown).

The mines produced some of the richest Shale Oil anywhere. Mining stopped when the Commonwealth Government stopped subsidising the industry and it was unable to compete with cheap imports from overseas.

Accomodation in Airly Village for the miners and their families was a problem. Some built small cottages while others lived in caves and or under overhangs.

When the mines closed much of the equipment was moved to Newnes which was still operating.

Today it is still possible to follow the tramways and imagine the what is must have been like when the mines were operating. Ventilation shafts, boilers and other equipment are slowly decaying right where they were last used.

Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area (NSW)