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Black Rock Skink

The Black Rock Skink is large, robust lizard with well developed limbs & digits.

Broad-headed Snake

The Broad-headed snake is black with narrow bands of yellow, a distinctive pattern. If annoyed the Broad-headed snake will defend itself, striking repeatedly. They are potentially dangerous.

Diamond Python

The Diamond Python is a large non-venomous snake. It is usually yellow with a tight pattern of black spots and larger yellow spots on black, roughly diamond in shape.

Eastern Water Dragon

The Eastern Water Dragon is a large lizard with crests and powerful limbs.

It is olive with a dark strip from the eye to the neck and red colouring on its chest.

Heath Monitor

Heath Monitors are large, strong lizards with long necks & long muscular tails. They have well developed legs with 5 toes with large claws. They can grow to about 1.3 metres long.

Lace Monitor

Lace Monitors are large, very strong lizards with long necks and long muscular tails.

They have well developed legs with 5 toes with large claws.

Lace Monitors can grow to 2.1 metres long.

Lesueurs Velvet Gecko

Lesueur's  Velvet Gecko is a medium size gecko with a rounded tail as long as it's body.

There are interconnected, alternating blotches along the Gecko's back.  

Mountain Dragon

The Mountain Dragon is a small lizard with a short tail and short limbs.

Mustard-bellied Snake

The Mustard-bellied Snake is a small brown elapid snake with a distinct dark head and a lighter brown band on the nape of the neck.

Pink Tongued Skink

The Pink-Tongued Skink is large lizard with well developed limbs, digits & a long tail. Adults have a pink tongue although juveniles' tongues are blue.

Red-bellied Black Snake

The Red-bellied Black Snake is a large glossy black elapid snake with a distinct red to pink belly. The red markings extend up the sides of the body.

Tiger Snake

The Tiger Snake is a large snake with a small fairly flat head and large eyes. The frontal shield is about as wide as long.

The Tiger Snake colour & patterning is variable. Usually the back is pale yellow, pale grey or pale brown with darker bands.

While it seldom bites, the Tiger snake will defend itself with a very fast strike, if cornered.

Whites Skink

White's Skink has smooth scales and a pale stripe on the upper lip. It has a striped and plain form and a pattern of dark edged pale spots. There is a distinct dark vertical bar above the forelimbs.

Yellow-bellied Water Skink

The Yellow-bellied Water Skink is light to dark brown along its back with black markings. They are much lighter underneath and up to 10cm long.

They have a pale line running from above the eye to the neck.  Some adults have yellow abdomens.

Yellow-faced Whipsnake

The Yellow-faced Whipsnake is a very slender snake up to 1 metre in length.  They have a dark brown mark around their eye stretching down to the mouth and a dark stripe across the front of the snout.  They are fast moving snakes.