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Brown Antechinus

The Brown Antechinus is a small carnivorous marsupial mammal.

Common Wombat

The Common Wombat is a large marsupial.

It is herbivorous & lives in large burrows it digs with its powerful claws. Unusually, Wombats have a backward facing pouch, perhaps to keep dirt out while digging their burrows.

Wombats are capable of huge bursts of speed over a short distance.

Feral Cat

Feral Cats look much like domestic cats, generally having short fur, long tail & prominent whiskers.

Short-beaked Echidna

Echidnas have a rounded body covered with sharp spines. The spines are a creamy yellow with black tips.

Dark fur grows between the spines.

Echidnas have very strong claws.

Tasmanian Pademelon

The Tasmanian Pademelon is a small wallaby with dense brown or grey brown fur, redder underneath. It is a solitary, nocturnal animal.

Males are larger than females and more muscular.

Tiger Quoll

Tiger Quolls have red or brown fur with white spots and a spotted tail. They have have lighter fur underneath and the spots are paler. Their snouts are pointed , their noses pink and they have sharp teeth.

The Tiger Quoll is the largest of the quolls and the largest carnivorous marsupial in mainland Australia.