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The Australian bush is home to a wide range of animals including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, insects & crustaceans. They are there... You see their tracks in the sand... but...

Beach Stone-curlew

The Beach Stone-Curlew is a large wading bird. It has a strong bill with a yellow base. It has stout legs & thick knees.

Black Rock Skink

The Black Rock Skink is large, robust lizard with well developed limbs & digits.

Blue Mountains Tree Frog

The Blue Mountains Tree Frog is between 40mm & 60mm long, has horizontal pupils, partially webbed feet with toe pads. It can be a single colour or multi-coloured on its back,...

Broad-headed Snake

The Broad-headed snake is black with narrow bands of yellow, a distinctive pattern. If annoyed the Broad-headed snake will defend itself, striking repeatedly. They are potentially dangerous.

Brown Antechinus

The Brown Antechinus is a small carnivorous marsupial mammal.

Clam Shrimp

Clam Shrimps are tiny bivalved crustaceans.  They look like molluscs but can swim.

Common Wombat

The Common Wombat is a large marsupial. It is herbivorous & lives in large burrows it digs with its powerful claws. Unusually, Wombats have a backward facing pouch,...

Diamond Python

The Diamond Python is a large non-venomous snake. It is usually yellow with a tight pattern of black spots and larger yellow spots on black, roughly diamond in shape.

Eastern Spinebill

The Eastern Spinebill is a beautiful bird, up to 160mm long with a long, dark, curved beak. It has a black head and a white throat with a black...

Eastern Water Dragon

The Eastern Water Dragon is a large lizard with crests and powerful limbs. It is olive with a dark strip from the eye to the neck and red colouring...

Feral Cat

Feral Cats look much like domestic cats, generally having short fur, long tail & prominent whiskers.

Glow Worm

Glow Worms are the larvae of the larvae of the Fungus Gnat. Most of a Fungus Gnat's life is spent as a Glow Worm, growing up to 3cm in length. The...

Heath Monitor

Heath Monitors are large, strong lizards with long necks & long muscular tails. They have well developed legs with 5 toes with large claws. They can grow to...

Lace Monitor

Lace Monitors are large, very strong lizards with long necks and long muscular tails. They have well developed legs with 5 toes with large claws. Lace Monitors can grow to 2.1 metres...

Lesueurs Velvet Gecko

Lesueur's  Velvet Gecko is a medium size gecko with a rounded tail as long as it's body. There are interconnected, alternating blotches along the Gecko's back.  

Mountain Dragon

The Mountain Dragon is a small lizard with a short tail and short limbs.

Mustard-bellied Snake

The Mustard-bellied Snake is a small brown elapid snake with a distinct dark head and a lighter brown band on the nape of the neck.

Pacific Gull

The Pacific Gull is a large gull. It has a white body, black back and black wings. There is a narrow strip of white on the trailing edge...

Pied Currawong

The Pied Currawong is a large grey to black bird with white on the tip of the tail, abdomen and on the wings. It has distinctive yellow eyes. and a powerful...

Pink Tongued Skink

The Pink-Tongued Skink is large lizard with well developed limbs, digits & a long tail. Adults have a pink tongue although juveniles' tongues are blue.

Red-bellied Black Snake

The Red-bellied Black Snake is a large glossy black elapid snake with a distinct red to pink belly. The red markings extend up the sides of the body.

Red-headed Mouse Spider

The Red-headed Mouse Spider is a large, robust spider, females larger than the males. Males Spiders have a bright red head and a gun-metal blue abdomen. The Red-headed mouse spiders live in...

Rock Warbler

The Rock Warbler is brown bird, cinnamon in front, rufous underneath with a greyish throat. It lays up to 3 white eggs in a bulbous nest of barks, grasses, root fibres,...

Satin Bower Bird

Male birds are black with a deep blue sheen. Females are a dull green colour with rufous wings and a lighter scalloped pattern underneath. Their eyes are a blue...

Short-beaked Echidna

Echidnas have a rounded body covered with sharp spines. The spines are a creamy yellow with black tips. Dark fur grows between the spines. Echidnas have very strong claws.

Superb Lyrebird

The Superb Lyrebird is a large bird with a grey-brown body, brown on its wings and a long tail. They have powerful legs and feet, used for foraging and building their...

Tasmanian Pademelon

The Tasmanian Pademelon is a small wallaby with dense brown or grey brown fur, redder underneath. It is a solitary, nocturnal animal. Males are larger than females and more muscular.

Tiger Quoll

Tiger Quolls have red or brown fur with white spots and a spotted tail. They have have lighter fur underneath and the spots are paler. Their snouts are pointed...

Tiger Snake

The Tiger Snake is a large snake with a small fairly flat head and large eyes. The frontal shield is about as wide as long. The Tiger Snake colour &...

Whites Skink

White's Skink has smooth scales and a pale stripe on the upper lip. It has a striped and plain form and a pattern of dark edged pale spots. ...

Yellow-bellied Water Skink

The Yellow-bellied Water Skink is light to dark brown along its back with black markings. They are much lighter underneath and up to 10cm long. They have a pale line running...

Yellow-faced Honeyeater

The Yellow-faced Honeyeater is a small bird olive brown above and grey underneath with a black curved bill. A yellow band runs from the bill back past and blow the eye....

Yellow-faced Whipsnake

The Yellow-faced Whipsnake is a very slender snake up to 1 metre in length.  They have a dark brown mark around their eye stretching down to the mouth and a...