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Dingo Gap contains a series of photos showcasing locations around New South Wales, Australia.

Most photos were taken while bush walking in the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains just west of Sydney is one of my favourite destinations.  It has a fantastic range of scenery, vegetation and wildlife and protects some of the most beautiful and wild country you can find anywhere in the world. 

This area is full of extremes with cold winters and hot summers, drought or raging torrents and sometimes devastated by fire.  Many unusual plants and animals able to cope with the harsh conditions have evolved and survive here.

So have a look around Dingo Gap.  You might just find something to interest you...

Peter Medbury

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Landscape Images, Bushwalking Photos and Track Notes for the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia

A selection of photos from Dingo Gap Gallery, highlighting some of the best wilderness country you can find - anywhere! 

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