Map:  LPI Jamison 89302N

GR:  535 580

Track Notes:


The Col is a rock platform at the eastern end of Mt Solitary.

There are terrific views across the Kedumba Valley and down to Lake Burragorang.

There is a Log Book at The Col.

Whether you having a rest after the climb up the ridge from the Kedumba River or you are about to head down, you have to stop for a while and take in the view.

The Col

Recent Changes
Item Date Type
Dex Creek 03-07-2016 Mod
Sawtooth Trig 03-07-2016 Add
Pages Pinnacle 03-07-2016 Mod
Mt Stormbreaker 03-07-2016 Mod
Mt Cloudmaker 02-07-2016 Mod
Black Billy Head Mine 02-07-2016 Mod
100 Man Cave 01-07-2016 Mod
1000 Man Cave 01-07-2016 Mod
Ti Willa Top 01-07-2016 Add
Ti Willa Plateau 01-07-2016 Add
Invincible Trig 30-06-2016 Add
Wolgan Gap Trig 30-06-2016 Add
Jenolan Trig 30-06-2016 Add
Trig Stations 30-06-2016 Mod
Rock Orchid 29-06-2016 Mod
Crown Ridge Shale Mine 29-06-2016 Mod
Pagoda Supported By Columns 29-06-2016 Mod
Ten Tunnels Funicular Railway 28-06-2016 Mod
Ten Tunnels Deviation 28-06-2016 Mod
Dog Orchid 27-06-2016 Mod
Asgard Swamp Mine 27-06-2016 Mod
Berghofers Pass 27-06-2016 Mod
Beach Stone-curlew 25-06-2016 Mod
Old Coach Road 25-06-2016 Mod
Mt Colboyd 25-06-2016 Add
Yellow-bellied Water Skink 24-06-2016 Mod
Eastern Water Dragon 24-06-2016 Mod
Dunphys Lookout 24-06-2016 Mod

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