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The Gardens of Stone National Park is renowned for its delicate and intricate 'Pagoda' rock formations.

Rock formation on the sandstone escarpments have been eroded by wind & water into domes & other strange shapes.  The formations are fragile and extreme care should be taken to avoid damaging them.

While vegetation is mostly forest and heathland a number of other flora habitats exist in sheltered canyons & valleys throughout the region.

There are many walks for experienced bushwalkers and a range of shorter walks too.  This country is wilderness and all precautions should be taken to ensure your safety.



Recent Changes
Item Date Type
Flat Top 14-11-2016 Add
Zorro Canyon 11-11-2016 Mod
Dalpura Canyon 10-11-2016 Mod
Waratah 10-11-2016 Mod
Twins Canyon 11-10-2016 Add
Tall Leek Orchid 06-10-2016 Add
Vertigo Slot 22-09-2016 Add
Grand Canyon 16-08-2016 Add
Glow Worm 08-08-2016 Add
Tunnel Creek 06-08-2016 Add
Glow Worm Tunnel 06-08-2016 Add
Mt Canobolas 27-07-2016 Mod
Federal Falls 26-07-2016 Mod
Wolgan View Canyon 22-07-2016 Mod
Nayook Canyon 19-07-2016 Mod
The River Caves 19-07-2016 Mod
The Place That Time Forgot 19-07-2016 Mod
Tunnel Plateau 19-07-2016 Mod
Tunnel Creek Cavern 19-07-2016 Mod
Budgary Creek 19-07-2016 Mod
Mystery Mountain 19-07-2016 Mod
Deanes Creek 18-07-2016 Mod
Dunns Swamp 18-07-2016 Mod
Ganguddy Camp Ground 18-07-2016 Mod
Nangar National Park 18-07-2016 Mod
Terarra Creek Camping Area 18-07-2016 Mod
Newnes Camping Area 18-07-2016 Mod
Sinusoidal Ravine 18-07-2016 Mod

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