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The Gardens of Stone National Park is renowned for its delicate and intricate 'Pagoda' rock formations.

Rock formation on the sandstone escarpments have been eroded by wind & water into domes & other strange shapes.  The formations are fragile and extreme care should be taken to avoid damaging them.

While vegetation is mostly forest and heathland a number of other flora habitats exist in sheltered canyons & valleys throughout the region.

There are many walks for experienced bushwalkers and a range of shorter walks too.  This country is wilderness and all precautions should be taken to ensure your safety.



Recently Added
31/05/2016 Airly Canyon
31/05/2016 Christmas Bell
28/05/2016 Pink Flannel Flower
28/05/2016 Giant Stinging Tree
20/05/2016 Mt Bell Hand Stencil
18/05/2016 Tessellated Pavement
17/05/2016 Boyds Tower
17/05/2016 Baal Bone Gap Hand Stencils
14/05/2016 Pacific Gull
12/05/2016 Lighthouses
20/04/2016 Tasmanian Pademelon
19/04/2016 Megalong Fairy Lantern
19/04/2016 Tiger Quoll
18/04/2016 Sunrise

31/05/2016 Blacks Corner
31/05/2016 Cranberry Heath
30/05/2016 Flannel Flowers
30/05/2016 Bleichert Ropeway of the Jamison
29/05/2016 Ruined Castle Tramway and Mines
27/05/2016 Airly Self-Acting Incline
27/05/2016 Airly Aerial Cableway
26/05/2016 Airly Southern Tramways
26/05/2016 Torbane Oil Works
23/05/2016 Mt Clarence Stencils
23/05/2016 Deanes Creek Tributray Stencils
23/05/2016 Ironpot Mountain Grinding grooves
23/05/2016 Du Faurs Rocks Grinding Grooves
23/05/2016 Mt Rennie Tunnel
22/05/2016 Pagoda Daisy
22/05/2016 Aboriginal - Overview
22/05/2016 Upper Wolgan Tool Factory
21/05/2016 Airly Village
20/05/2016 Common Wombat
20/05/2016 Mountain Christmas Bell
20/05/2016 Blackfellows Hand Shelter
20/05/2016 Pink Tongued Skink
20/05/2016 Tesselate Hill Grinding Grooves
19/05/2016 Canyons

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